Where Wheaton College’s Funding Comes From

Where Wheaton College’s Funding Comes From

A 2002 U.S. Labor Department study estimates that 284,000 children work on West African cocoa farms and are “[e]ither involved in hazardous work, unprotected or unfree, or have been trafficked.”[i]

M&M/Mars is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the U.S and imports the majority of its cocoa from
West Africa.[ii]

The Mars family is
Wheaton College’s largest donor.

ars. Inc. has repeatedly refused to pay a fair trade price for cocoa imports.[iii]

We at Wheaton College benefiting from the labor practices of Mars Inc. and therefore, we have a responsibility to address these issues.



Please read Mission Statement and Facts about Fair Trade and the Cocoa Industry for more information about our movement.


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