Posted by: w00107746 | February 25, 2008

We’ve got an address!

Caleb says:

 “so president Crutcher sent me adrienne’s [Mars] address. We should write her a letter and send it with a copy of the petition. Also Crutcher said John Claringbold was coming at the end of march. we should meet up at somepoint soon…”

We’re working on drafting a letter to send to Mrs. Mars, with the 1000 signatures, asking her assistance in petitioning the Mars Corporation to agree to fair trade.  Updates coming as soon as we’ve got the letter drafted!

 We are also working with Rodney North over at Equal Exchange hoping to generate greater media attention, while also preparing our own presentations for when we meet with Frank Mars and John Claringbold, the two Mars representatives, when they come to the Wheaton campus during March.

 We’re hoping to expand this petition to other schools who have benefited from the Mars families’ donations.  Anyone out there who has a contact of someone who is socially conscious and a good awareness raiser over at Yale, let us know!

 Tomorrow is the SGA meeting where we’ll get the final draft of the resolution passed by our Student Government Association.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!


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