Posted by: w00107746 | February 14, 2008

1000+ signatures!!

This from the Facebook group:

Today was a wild success, we got over a thousand signatures on the petition!!  This will give us a lot of credibilty when we go to President Crutcher and the SGA.  Our ultimate goal is to have Wheaton College, as a unified institution, ask the Mars family to agree to fair trade.  Thank you all for your participation, you have stood up for what you believe and for that you should be proud.
We are going to SGA next week and should be meeting with President Crutcher soon.  I have great hopes for what we can achieve.
Thank you all,
Caleb Goodhouse

That is right, we have gotten over 1000 signatures in just a few days of work. All of your collective efforts have contributed to this directly and all of you should be extremely proud and excited. My feeling is that we will get approval from the SGA on our upcoming resolution. With that said we will not be having any shifts tomorrow to raise awareness, as that goal has already been accomplished. Stay tuned for the next step and congratulations to you all for your efforts.

Mars squad 2.0

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